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parfum parfait

Consultant Member
of The International Fragrance Association UK



Signatory Company of the IFRA/IOFI sustainability charter

The choice of a fragrance is crucial, as it will seal a product's success.

Member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists


Are you confident that your fragrance portfolio is unique to your brand?

Are your fragrances memorable with an exclusive signature?

Do your fragrances fit your brand DNA?


Find out what I can do for you

Corporate Consulting



Your project  needs  someone who understands what goes on behind-the scenes at fragrance house and knows how to get the most out of working with perfumers.


You may need help evaluating fragrance submissions or your project may require complete creative and logistics support from beginning-to-end. Whatever your fragranced product development needs, Parfum Parfait can help.


Our services can save considerable time and money and avoid headaches further down the line. Above all we help you ensure that your fragrances and the marketing messages are all aligned with your claims and are on-brand in every way.



 I have a rational approach, fuelled by passion for getting things just right for each client, and by a deep understanding of fragrance concepts and what works for brands and consumers. I want to help you bring the best fragrances to market; to bring your vision to life and watch it grow.


Fragrances are essential to  marketing and brand communication.

Because of my background, I am knowledgeable and experienced in the total process from research to marketing.

A product will be successful if people understand what you are offering. To achieve this, your product must deliver a strong message. This will happen only if everything is aligned:  fragrance, colour, bottle shape, pack design, communication strategy – all the way to the launch campaign.


My passion is to make sure your brand and products are reflected in the fragrances.



I am a member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists SCS, Consultant Member of the International Fragrance Association IFRA, past president and council member of the British Society of Perfumers BSP, Advisory Board of Perfumer and Flavourist P&F.


My extensive professional network and contacts mean I can give you sensible, efficient help which  gives you precious time for creativity and your unique vision.



My message to you is this: don’t waste time and money on logistics, quality issues and miscommunication. Have as much of the passion and the vision as you can afford. To do that with confidence, have the best professional support you can to make it a reality.

I offer a personalised service and an attentive ear – please do get in touch  to discuss your requirements and we’ll take it from there.

About Us
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Independent Fragrance Expert

Virginie Daniau

I spent a substantial part of my early career at the leading company in the Fragrance and Flavour industry. There I acquired extensive knowledge of the fascinating world of fragrances.

I originally trained as scientist, with an MSc in Chemistry. So my debut in the fragrance industry was with the world of research and development - synthetizing new olfactive molecules . Very soon after, I moved to the creative side of the business where I developed successful fragrances.


In 2010, fuelled by an entrepreneurial passion, I set up my own business - Parfum Parfait LTD - where I offer independent fragrance expertise. My key role is to orchestrate fragrance development – evaluating fragrances in different formats from personal products to fine fragrances. In a word, I fill the gap in between brands and perfumers!


I am consultant member of IFRA UK, past president and council member of the British Society of Perfumers, member of the SCS.

Today, I am in demand as corporate consultant, industry expert, and speaker.


Find out more:


Past president and Member of

 British Society of Perfumers,


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Parfum Parfait LTD

Registered in England, number: 09866731.


m: 0044 7962 118 076


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