Here are the key areas I can help businesses with, below.

Do get in touch  to discuss your needs in greater detail even if what you require isn’t specified. I have access to a substantial professional fragrance industry network and may be able to recommend someone  who can help.


Consultancy and projects



  • Design fragrances

  • Recommend fragrances to extend your brand portfolio (using market research, current portfolio assessment and strategic analysis)

  • Advise how to improve fragrances (for character, strength, base coverage, stability)

  • Guide perfumers to achieve best quality fragrances

  • Total project management for your fragrance projects

  • Evaluate whether submissions or fragrance concepts are on-brand


Communication and training

  • Write brief for perfumers and perfume houses

  • Analyse specific market segments

  • Identify fragrance trends

  • Write bespoke presentations

  • Educate on  perfumery concepts (key fragrance families, ingredients, classic fragrances, history of fragrances)


 Contact me to find out how I can help

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